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American Fitness Adventure

We're exactly four weeks away from the start of American Fitness Adventure, which means you’re probably super excited… to know what the heck American Fitness Adventure is.

On May 4th, I’m leaving from LA and driving to NYC on a twelve-day cross-country road-trip adventure.  I’ll be making the trek with my friend and fellow fitness trainer, Liz Dix.  We’ll be visiting lots of schools (19!) giving free fitness presentations, while at the same time exploring new ways to keep ourselves fit while traveling.

Assuming we don’t kill each other* during our epic adventure, we’ll be doing lots of cool stuff including:

-Visiting 19 schools

-Driving through 15 states

-Filming daily workouts and yoga videos

-Showing how to eat healthy with a crazy travel schedule

-Giving tips on how to travel without compromising your fitness

-Trying out some of the country’s best gyms and yoga studios

-Exploring weird and interesting parts of America

-Driving.  We’ll be doing lots and lots of driving.

And these are some of the places we’ll be visiting:

Los Angeles

San Francisco, CA

Mount Shasta, CA

Portland, OR

Seattle, WA

Bozeman, MT

Fargo, ND

Minneapolis, MN

Milwaukee, WI

Chicago, IL

Detroit, MI

New York, NY


Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting more about the upcoming trip, and once we leave, even more about the adventure itself.  If you’d like to join my mom (and maybe a couple other people) in following us every step of the way, you can check out Facebook, read my blog, or follow Liz and me on Instagram:

@stevenettinger @worldwildbandit @americanfitnessadventure


*By kill each other, I mean if Liz doesn’t kill me.  Unofficial statistics give Liz a 93 chance of defeating me in battle.