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My Previous Road Trips- Part 1

My Previous Road Trips- Part 1

I’ve driven cross-country before.  Five times.

The idea of American Fitness Adventure was the perfect reason to go for number six. 

The first time I drove cross-country was in 2001, when Lifehouse was at the top of the charts and a loaf of bread only cost $1.82.  I don’t know what bread costs now or how it stacks up, but I found that number on the Internet and it seemed relevant.

A few days after I turned sixteen, my mom, dad, sister and I piled into our teal Dodge Caravan and left Southern California en route to take my sister to her first year of college in Pennsylvania.  Besides getting the opportunity to flex my newly licensed driving muscles, and subsequently experiencing the liberation of 75 mph speed limits, I was not excited about spending that much time trapped in a car or with my family- especially not both.  But, seven days later, even after having had to endure multiple presidential libraries during our 3,000-mile journey, I was hooked on road trips.

Fast forward to 2005.

All guys in college go through a phase where they grow out their hair.  For me, it was my sophomore year at Boston University when I decided to save $20 a month by forgoing visits to the barber.  At the end of spring semester, I flew home to California for summer break.  In between selling treadmills at a local sporting good store and getting freckled at the beach, I made two big decisions: 1) I looked like an idiot and 2) I wanted to drive cross-country again.

After getting a haircut, I recruited a friend from high school who went to Tufts, and began planning out the trip.  I sent away for AAA trip-tiks (this was before Google Maps and fancy phones) and mapped a six-day route- LA to Boulder to Chicago to Boston.  A few weeks later we packed up my truck with snacks and maps, and East we went.

My main obejctive for the trip (besides actually getting to Boston) was to see some sort of mutant animal as I’d seen advertised many times on the first trip with my family.  My sister had been too squeamish and too anxious about college to agree to a stop for a Siamese goat.  This trip, there was no one in my way, and I accomplished my goal somewhere in Missouri when we came upon a gift shop with a two-headed cow.   I do have proof of our find, but at the time we were also using old fashioned cameras (also known as disposables) that needed to be taken to a local Thrifty to be developed.  To post the photo would require me to dig through a drawer, find it, scan it, upload it, Photoshop it to give me a thigh-gap... and finally put it into this blog.  That’s entirely too much work, so just trust me when I say I had a thigh gap.

 Part 2 coming soon…