Elementary School Presentations

Fitness, Yoga, Storytelling

Since 2015, Steve has talked to more than 50,000 students at 100+ schools in 37 different states.

Steve’s background in behavior therapy combined with years of coaching, teaching, and storytelling, make his presentations engaging and entertaining for everyone in attendance. He prides himself on being able to rile kids up (in a good way), then calm them back down, all way teaching them important lessons about health and fitness.

Steve’s presentations involve lots of movement and student participations to make sure every child is part of the experience.

What does a normal presentation look like?

  • Introduction

  • Steve reads “Wallie Exercises”

  • Warm up and exercises with explanations

  • Discussion about benefits of physical activity

  • Yoga

  • Conclusion and Q & A

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What students will learn:

  • Benefits of exercise.

  • A creative approach towards fitness.

  • Basic yoga.

  • Mindfullness.

  • The importance of warm ups, hydration, and cardiovascular exercise.


Q: How long are Steve’s presentations?

A: The most popular program is 50 minutes but timing can be adjusted if needed.

Q: What ages are the best fit for Steve’s program?

A: The elementary school presentation is a good fit for K-5th grade students. If your school includes 6th grade in elementary, they usually enjoy the program as well.

Q: How many students can attend?

A: As many students as the school feels comfortable with. Often with larger schools, Steve will do two presentations back to back - one for the younger grades and one for the older grades.

Q: Where is the best place for Steve to speak?
A: Steve speaks in auditoriums, gymnasiums, cafeterias, and playgrounds. The location doesn’t matter as long as it’s safe and there’s space for kids to move around.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Pricing works on a sliding scale dependent on budget and how many schools within a 50 mile radius are participating. Most visits range from $250-$1,250.

Q: Does Steve speak at teacher conferences and PTA events?

A: Yes!

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