School Assemblies, Storytelling, Keynotes

Elementary Schools

Steve Ettinger has presented to more than 100,00 elementary school kids around the country. Speaking about the importance of health and fitness, he makes it his goal to motivate, educate, and entertain students every time he takes the stage.

During his talks, Steve focuses on creative and natural movement while making sure every student (and teacher) is actively learning, laughing, and moving during this 50-minute assembly.

Steve incorporates yoga, age-appropriate exercise, and reading into every program.

Steve Ettinger - School yoga assembly - kids fitness expert - school fitness assembly


Harnessing the power of story humor, Steve Ettinger is available for several keynotes on topics including raising active kids, creative storytelling, and the business of youth fitness.

Steve has spoken at conferences and events around the country. His talks and presentations can be customized for your conference or event to focus on topics that matter to you.

Steve Ettinger - Kids fitness expert - keynote speaker - family fitness - kids yoga - kids fitness

Middle & High Schools

Creativity & Exercise

Although Steve the majority of his presentations with younger children, he loves speaking to middle and high school students. With years of experience coaching, teaching, and presenting to this age group, Steve loves to give talks with older audiences.

While Steve addresses many of the same topics that he does with younger school such as the importance of finding physical activity that’s right for you, the benefits of movement, and introductions into mindfulness and yoga, his presentations are completely different in their approach to accommodate the older students.

Steve Ettinger - School Speaker - kids fitness - kids yoga