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How to Raise an Athlete- Super Healthy Kids Post!

Kids aren't born athletes.  While some people believe in natural talent, I think nuturing positive behvaiors is far more important.  Read this month's post on Super Healthy Kids to learn what characteristics I think make kids great athletes.  How to Raise an Athlete

Weight Training and Strength Training for Kids- Super Healthy Kids Post!

For a long time, weight training for kids has widely been considered unsafe.  Over the past decade, new research has shown that with proper coaching, preparation and a safe environment, it can actually be a very positive way for kids to exercise.  For this month's post on Super Healthy Kids, I discuss the whens, whys, and hows of strength training and weight training for kids.

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Best Sports for Kids- Super Healthy Kids Post!

I wrote another post for Super Healthy Kids!  It's about the best sports for kids and how to pick the right one.  Although sports are not the only, or even necessarily the best, way to get kids active, they're definitely a huge part of our culture.  Head on over to the post about best sports for kids for the full piece and more of my exercising giraffe drawings...

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Winter Motivation to Keep Kids Active - Active Alfie Post

I wrote a post for my friends over at Active Alfie about how to keep kids motivated to be active during the winter.  It actually talks a lot about how to keep adults motivated too, with some fun ideas and tips for not letting the cold weather slow you down.  Read the full article about motivating kids to be active over at Active Alfie.

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Active Ideas for Thanksgiving- Super Healthy Kids Post


Thanksgiving is mostly for family and food, but why not being active too?  Football has always been the go-to sport, but in a post I wrote for Super Healthy Kids, I discuss alternative ways for kids to exercise and be active on Thanksgiving.

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