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Playground Strength Workout for Kids- Super Healthy Kids Post!

For my post this month on Super Healthy Kids I decided to put together a workout instead of just writing about stuff I was thinking.  I took the photos at the playground I grew up on, even though now the equipment is different since it's been... a lot of years since I was a kid on the playground.  The workout for kids can be done in 5 minutes or you can take it up to 30 if you're feeling really ambitious.  Playground Strength Workout for Kids

Winter Motivation to Keep Kids Active - Active Alfie Post

I wrote a post for my friends over at Active Alfie about how to keep kids motivated to be active during the winter.  It actually talks a lot about how to keep adults motivated too, with some fun ideas and tips for not letting the cold weather slow you down.  Read the full article about motivating kids to be active over at Active Alfie.

Check out Active Alfie to find awesome active activities for kids all over the UK!